Make and Read Secret Messages!

Safe, Secure, and no information leaves your device. The webapp even runs perfectly offline.

Enter a strong Password to get your ID. (A random secure password is provided by default.)

Your ID:

Enter the ID of whom the Secret Message is for.

Enter a Message to make secret.

Secret Message:

Enter the Secret Message made for your ID.

Enter the Password for your ID.

Decrypted Message:

How to use: You get an ID from your Password. They make a Secret Message for your ID. You read the Secret Message for your ID by decrypting it with your Password. If someone doesn't know your Password, they can't understand Secret Messages made for your ID!

This webapp is open source. All the files for the webapp are guaranteed to be served securely by TLS from this GitHub repo, as can be independently verified here, by this CNAME lookup. This webapp uses the Elliptic Curve Integrated Encryption Scheme (ECIES) algorithm with 256-bit security, which has security strength equivalent to 3072-bit RSA. For a full overview of this webapp and its security, see here.

CAUTION: Make sure to use a strong password. If you use a bad password like "password", then someone could guess it and decrypt any messages. Also, when you send your ID, do it through something that you trust not to replace your communications. You are securely protected from eavesdropping, but not communications being outright replaced. See the security overview of the webapp for details.

This webapp was made by Ajay Shanker Tripathi, and is released under the BSD 3-Clause license.